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Custom Cedar Lattice Screen

Design/Build by Construction Technologies

Cedar is my favourite. It is weather resistant, rot resistant, beautiful in colour and texture and easy to work. It is light and soft. For a medium sized deck, a 2 ½ inch lattice gives a balance between privacy and feeling open space beyond. There are 2 x 4's top, bottom and middle, while being framed on the sides by solid Cedar posts of 3 ½" square, and a 2 x 4 cap. also of Cedar. Total height is 73 ½". Planters in Cedar, Decking in Cedar, Steps in Cedar.

for Sustainable Landscapes Ltd.



View on 3D Warehouse.











Landscape It!

Spring, by any other name is here, and early, too. Focused on any type of landscaping, hard and soft and specializing in drought tolerant plants, low maintenance and natural environments, our landscapes complement any lifestyle. 

There is plenty of time to do everything you plan to do. And it won't be long. I will be planting the hardy and cold tolerant vegetables under the cover of the cold frame. Despite Spring snows, they will do fine.

Last year there were tons of small and happy sunflowers mixed in.



This year brings an added design service: We have done gardens, maintenance, plantings, beds, decks, drains, rainwater systems, irrigation, window wells, walks and any type of construction, drawings and building permits. Let's have a chat and see what will work with your ideas.

In addition, I would like to welcome Kelly Code, Landscape Architect to our network of resources. Kelly has worked internationally and locally on some amazing projects. She offers the hands on approach of teaching how a landscape is created and maintained. Check out her web site:


Studio Roof/Skylights Insulated

The cool thing is that it's warmer in the studio with the cellulose insulation and also, the skylight chases are insulated and the receptacles for the glazing are installed thanks to a big hand from Ali. Waiting for the glazing and then the next stage as well as finishing the roof interior.


Artist's Studio Shelving

Initial Drawing and Installation

We needed something to work on and have storage for work in progress underneath. Above, shelving for paints and brushes. A cork edge is formed on the edges for tacking plastic on the work surface.

On Google 3d Warehouse





Prefabricated Storage Sheds 10 x 10

November and December 2015

Two sheds for installation on a city lot being under 10 square metres each require no building permit.

They were built on skids and can be moved, if necessary. Clad in James Hardie cement board and insulated for protection of the contents from rapid temperature changes. Interior vaulted ceilings and drywall.

These were built flat inside our workshop and assembled and completed on site. Transport was somewhat of an issue, so next time I would make  some of the pieces smaller. :)